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My own kids won't give them up

I actually bought these for my homeschool co-op. But they haven't made it there yet, because my own kids are too attached. We have 2, and have set them up with both lego tops & 3xlegs on one, (for Mr 8) and both duplo tops with 1xlegs on the other (for Mr 18months).
I've taken the baby's one to Nanna's for a sleepover and was impressed with how many toys I could fit inside. I'm keen to take it on a longer holiday! We had the neighbours over for a play-date that turned rainy, and my neighbour was super impressed with them too.
Hopefully, the new removable trays will stop smalller materials like rice, beans etc from falling into the crevices, and make it easier to empty water and sensory play bases, Emptying it has been the most difficult part of use so far. I am also encountering on and off issues with the latch getting stuck when the table is shut. But I have found that flipping the case over so the pressure distributes differently usually works.

So far they have been loving it!

Just got ours a week ago and managed to open now for the kids to play. Been using it outdoors for dirt and water play. I did notice one of the leg pieces were a bit flawed and one of the outer sides of the tables were a bit off. Maybe happened during the molding/ manufacturing process but it still works, just only aesthetic reasons I guess 😅. Can't wait to get the expansion pack for more fun.

Perfect lockdown activity here in Melbourne

My little one was enthralled for about 30mins of mega block play (nb. Doesn’t quite fit on the duplo side as does need a firm push to get them connected). She tried to climb on top of it and thankfully the table didn’t buckle (I stopped her before she was fully on top) and had her full weight (11kg) on the side trays (they didn’t snap or come off!). She’s just a tad short when standing and the Carry-Play is at full height, so sitting for now and the little foldable couch is perfect height for her! Loving it so much so far!

We got a ton in here for our adventure this last week! Loved having the table for hotel play time.

Excellent product and service.

Very happy, definitely recommend!

Great customer service

Delivery was a bit delayed but this was due to Covid-19. Communication from the Kingdom Playroom team was fantastic so I was always confident and informed about what was going on.

I had a great experience with this company.

They were very prompt with replying to emails and genuinely concerned with delivery times etc. I haven't got the product out for my children to play with yet as it is designated for Christmas. But it looks as described. Thanks Kingdom Playroom.

It was fantastic products and fantastic service

So much fun my daughter loves playing with theses blocks. They are very similar to the Duplo blocks the only down side is the packaging, but excellent customers services makes up for it .

Great Baby Gift

Bought it as a gift and sent it to their address. They received and the gift and loved it. Kingdom Playroom was kind enough to personalise and put in a note for the birthday baby for me. Thank you

All good and the recipient liked it.

Multi purpose carry play

Ordered it for my granddaughter and it arrived in no time flat and is a real hit! She's busy testing it out! I think it was money well spent!

Just turned 2, loves her table so much!!

It’s an incredibly versatile new addition and works so well for open ended play. We are thrilled 🤗 Thanks for making an amazing product! So far at least 5 people have asked where we got it. Can’t wait to see what you’ll make next!

Wanted to add our review since we’ve played with our carry-play a bit now! We love it even though waiting for a replacement due to some shipment damage. Duplos work on both the duplo and Lego sides and haven’t had buckling issues but our kiddos aren’t too rough 😄 Haven’t had any issues with the clips. We got this mostly for the lego table part so I don’t have a review for using as a sensory table yet. The only thing I’d like to see is inserts and maybe more rubbery to muffle the sound of things stored inside? Otherwise it’s perfect!

Great idea!

We’ve had our carry play for a couple of weeks now and let me start out by saying that it is a HUGE hit with my 15m old daughter! As I write this, she’s playing animals with it.

Pros - lightweight and moveable
- Great for dry item sensory play
- Love the lego trays!
- The colors and patters are adorable
- The adjustable legs are wonderful
- Good size bins
- The clip on baskets are a good size
- I love how you can store toys in it

Cons - clean up is horrible for wet items
- no removable bins
- Water/liquid item play is a pain
- So many nooks and crannies in the bins, things get stuck, it’s super hard to clean
- Washable paint stains the design trays
- Designs scrap off trays with cleaning (using my hands or soft sponge trying to wash off paint)
- The lego trays bow with light pressure which makes me concerned it will break. They’re not very sturdy, especially considering they’re marketed to toddlers

I think it’s a fantastic idea I just feel like the execution isn’t great. The price point is also crazy high for the product you receive. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t recommend it. If modifications were made, addressing my cons list, I would absolutely recommend it.. even for such a high price. All that being said, my daughter loves it but from a parent’s point of view.. it has much room for growth!

Hi Jazmine, thanks for your feedback! There will indeed be removable bins launching shortly as I am fully aware of the issues with messy play and things getting caught in the nooks and crannies, so it will definitely be easier to use for messy play once those are available :) As for the Lego trays, they need to have a level of flexbility to them or they'll snap in the middle if there's pressure, the 'bowing' is actually what helps it sustain pressure. x Jenny

So great!

This table is so wonderful and I was thrilled to receive it in time for my 5 year old twins birthday! They love playing with Lego and are so excited to not only be able to take them on adventures, but have a rad table to build on! But not only Lego! I am stoked to show them they can play with kinetic or regular sand, use it as an easel, make it part of their play kitchen and so many other options! 5 stars

We got our table this week and are in love!

My 5yo has not stopped playing with it! Thank you for creating an incredible product, and for the fabulous customer service!

I love how light the carry-play is, I can put it anywhere I want 🙂 the children in my family day care are using it everyday since it arrived.

Love it!

So cute! Love how sturdy it is, especially with two busy toddlers! Love the unlimited possibilities that this table offers.

Marble run

Excellent quality and value, kiddo loves it

Came just in time for his 1st birthday, very happy boy 😄👌

So many options!

We’ve already had some water play, and we’ve set up some Duplo. I’m looking forward to getting into the really messy stuff like slime! It packs away easily, it incredibly easy to set up, the colour scheme is lovely and it’s easy to change over to another play situation. I’m really happy I got this, and think we’ll be using it for years to come.

My 2.5 year old son LOVES it!!!

He can watch his music shows while doing all kinds of activities. His sister is almost 1.. Curious how sharing will go 😳

We love it!

My son loves using it as a lego table and I love that it is so portable! We have a trip to the beach next month and I can’t wait to bring it with us!

No issue with ours!

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this!!! The girls love it and have only played with it and nothing else since it arrived yesterday 💜

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