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Handy expansion pack

The inner trays are useful for sensory play and perfect to store things. The clips are a good suggestion however it seems my toddler could still manage to pull out the clips 😅. Andif the clips are put together, closing the lids need a good push and a couple of adjustments. But overall happy with the expansion pack

So excited to try it out!

Thank you so much for creating such a great product and for working with your customers opinions for how to better improve it. The expansion pack (clips and extra legs especially) is so fantastic…

My sister and I both have the table and love it!!

I want to again just say how much my children love the table and we mostly use it for legos and my little girls are completely obsessed with it and I love closing it and putting it on the stairs once the legos become “too much fun” 😂


My daughter is 18m and has been playing with these for the past couple of months. They are seriously so cool 😄 it’s great for motor development, coordination, and patients. Haha. I love to build with them as well and we can get a good half hour of play out of them in one sitting. A great buy and it’s nice that she’ll get years of use out of these!

Great for traveling

Purchase this for granddaughters first birthday,they are travelling full time in caravan, needed a compact light present that would be useful and have multiple uses. This is perfect. Uses it for water, sand and toys and sure there will be many more in future.


So happy with the expansion pack, really helps with easier cleanup!

Endless fun!

We received our blocks a few days ago and have had so much fun with them! The blocks make a satisfying "click" noise. My 2.5 year old hirl has even enjoyed using them as building blocks. We've build ball runs from our fire place (safely, not when on 😉) and along the floor and table.
Very satisfied with this product and can't wait to add more! Would also love the option to purchase blocks only, too.

Great even for infants!

Wasn’t planning to open it until baby could walk but I realised that the table surface is perfect for water play along our apartment corridor. So much fun!


So glad I bought the carry play. It has saved me and my daughter in lockdown and provided endless hours of fun and entertainment. At first I was a bit skeptical of the plastic design but it's actually super innovative as you don't have to worry about wood pieces getting rotten (and I've been naughty and left outside in the rain and it's totally fine). The fact you can take on a plan, and easily store in a cupboard is also a game changer (especially as my house is really small). I can see my daughter loving this for years to come.

My kids love their carry-play.. saving us during this Melbourne lockdown.

The kids are both under 3 and they loved banging on the tops as if its drums and it makes a really loud sound 😅 The older one also crawled under it as if it's a tunnel. We have non-Duplo blocks, but it still fit fine as long as the older one is more patient at placing them down. I also purchased the recommended "money clips" and suggested clear table leg covers for the open slots if using with sand. Purchased the marble run as well for November shipping. Thanks so far.

We have been using our table nearly everyday in lockdown!

This one is warm water and cornflour and searching for toys lol simple but kept her entertained for ages 😍

Worked great on our vacation!

Loved that it stored his toys too so we didn’t have to bring additional bags ❤️

I have ordered nearly everything you sell, including all the expansions for the Carry-Play and the marble runs (Duplo and magnetic cubes). We love our Carry-Play and getting so many wonderful ideas from the Facebook community you set up. Thank you for creating such a great product!

Great concept

Love the uses and activities i can get out of this table. Very nice concept of folding and storing away. Just wish the inside walls of the table were smooth plastic for easier cleanup and also wish the caps for legos were thicker or studier. But i still love it and am happy with my purchase

It's nice, but not the quality I'd expect for the price

I know it's supposed to be lightweight for traveling, but to me it just feels cheap. I don't expect it to last being played with for more than a year, which is disappointing for something so expensive. It folds too easily - even on a hard surface where the legs shouldn't slide. And the Lego plates don't sit quite right on it, which makes them slightly warped so the Legos don't always fit. It's frustrating for my toddler. I'm disappointed, but it'll still be useful.

Hi Sarah, thanks for your feedback! The Carry-Play is made with ABS, which is the same as LEGO blocks so it's a very strong and durable material. It also comes with a 12 month warranty so you get a free replacement if it breaks within a year. There are also safety clips available to keep them more secure when open. I would encourage you to have a read on our support page which addresses to most of your concerns :) I will send you the link via email and also provide you with a resolution! x Jenny, founder & designer

My mother’s group were loving it

My 14 month old had a fab time with water on one side and uncooked rice on the other!

Our Carry-Play arrived today & my son's first thought was to sit in it. 😅 Nice & sturdy. ❤️

Endless Fun

We were gifted this for my son's second birthday. He's been having a blast with a range of sensory and messy play which we didn't let him do before due to the headache of trying to contain the mess. The carry play solves the problem. It's so easy to clean, and being portable I can take it out to the garden when it's sunny without any hassle. For those who are undecided on whether to get it or not, all I can is, you are not actually purchasing a table, you are investing in your child with an open ended play equipment that will grow with them, spark imagination and create endless fun. Worth every cent!


My son loves it! He opened it earlier today and he hasn’t stopped playing with his Duplo blocks on it! He’s all excited about sand and water sensory play too!

Perfect height

The carry play is the perfect height at the moment for my son who is pulling up to stand. We also use it flat without the legs for seated play. This morning we had fun with water beads and whirly squigz, and this afternoon we got messy with edible paint. Glad to report no staining to parts that got “painted” on and a breeze to clean.

My grandaughter has been playing with it all summer!

The inside is kinetic sand and other side duplos! She plays there all morning.

Carry-Play table

Hi Jenny,
I received my carry-play table today I haven’t opened it yet as it’s a gift for my 19 months grandson.
So I can’t give you a review about it. It looks great in the box so far. Will let you know at a later date
Karen Hymans

Thank you Karen, I hope your grandson likes it! Please do check the package for any delivery damage, I want to make sure it's 100% perfect for the little one. - Much love, Jenny

My own kids won't give them up

I actually bought these for my homeschool co-op. But they haven't made it there yet, because my own kids are too attached. We have 2, and have set them up with both lego tops & 3xlegs on one, (for Mr 8) and both duplo tops with 1xlegs on the other (for Mr 18months).
I've taken the baby's one to Nanna's for a sleepover and was impressed with how many toys I could fit inside. I'm keen to take it on a longer holiday! We had the neighbours over for a play-date that turned rainy, and my neighbour was super impressed with them too.
Hopefully, the new removable trays will stop smalller materials like rice, beans etc from falling into the crevices, and make it easier to empty water and sensory play bases, Emptying it has been the most difficult part of use so far. I am also encountering on and off issues with the latch getting stuck when the table is shut. But I have found that flipping the case over so the pressure distributes differently usually works.

So far they have been loving it!

Just got ours a week ago and managed to open now for the kids to play. Been using it outdoors for dirt and water play. I did notice one of the leg pieces were a bit flawed and one of the outer sides of the tables were a bit off. Maybe happened during the molding/ manufacturing process but it still works, just only aesthetic reasons I guess 😅. Can't wait to get the expansion pack for more fun.